Mar 5, 2011

Cool Foods We Miss

Most people with ME/CFS have food sensitivities.  At one point I was pretty much on a diet of meat and veggies because everything else was problematic in one way or another.

These days I just avoid dairy ... most of the time.

(I am a fan of icecream and chocolate and am willing to suffer for it!)

Yesterday though, as we browsed the shelves of the local servo, I had a conversation with my housemate Karen which got me thinking; people with ME/CFS are not the only ones who have to give up foods that they love.  Due to discontinuation or lower distribution, we've all at some point had to give up an addictive taste sensation.

Here's a few of mine and Karen's:

  • Diet Vanilla Coke,
  • The Choc Honey Malt and Jaffa Big Ms,
  • Raspberry Sunny Boys,
  • The McDonalds Kahuna Burger and their Jaffa and Choc Mint range of Sundaes and Thickshakes,
  • Karen misses Dr Pepper (even if no one else does),
  • 20 cent lollie bags from the milk bar,
  • Giant Sherbert straws,
  • Cadbury's Top Deck chocolate bars (my Dad is a chocoholic and he particularly missed this one),
  • The cheesy bread they used to serve at sizzler,
  • The old KFC buns (why on earth did they change those?),

... looking at this list, I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, it might have been a good thing that most of this stuff was discontinued.  I'm sure Jamie Oliver would love it if no one ever ate any of this stuff again.


1 comment:

  1. I know how hard it can be to avoid the foods you are sensitive to. I'm about to go on yet another elimination diet to try and find the "right" combination of foods.
    Being in America, I've not had most of your "discontinued" foods. But the names give me some sense of what isn't on the store shelves anymore.


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