Jul 16, 2011

The Case of the Runaway Body Parts

So, I went down to Federation Square to catch up with John McKenna; a former Committee Member of Grit Media, where I work.  John was one of the original cast of No Limits - Grit Media's flagship program on community television in Australia - and he was very keen to tell me all about his new disability news blog which you can find here.

While John and I were discussing all things community and social media related, a very odd thing began to occur behind us on the walkway; every ten minutes or so, a bunch of people would walk past, quite purposefully toting body parts the size of Orcas.

It began with a hand, then a foot, then an eye.

At first, John and I did not mention this rather curious turn of events as we were engrossed in our conversation, and hey, we were in Fed Square; weird, arty things get carted through there all the time.

Eventually though, as a giant mouth, complete with full set of teeth and huge rolling tongue, trotted past, John motioned up a tad gleefully and said: "Have you noticed this?"

"Yeah," I said.  "I wonder if they're building a giant human sculpture back there."

As it turned out, they were not building a giant sculpture.

Fifteen minutes later, the screams of children began to echo through the cafe area, and we looked out to witness a large group of kids being chased around by a team of gargantuan body bits, lurching eerily about the walkway as everyone in the vicinity simultaneously ran for their lives and reached for their video phones, including myself and John.

"This is going on my blog," said John as we walked away, laughing.  "I'll have to relate it to disability somehow though.  Amputees!"

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