This is just a few links you can go check out if you are interested in keeping up with research and general info on ME/CFS:

UK Research - I've mentioned that the UK guidelines for CFS are kind of crap (I advise all people with CFS to avoid anything with the name "Simon Wessely" attached to it as he is the psychiatrist responsible for the massive setback over there and reading his theories may incite violence).  There are however some independent researchers in the UK who have some good info available.

The Victorian ME/CFS Society page -  They have pretty good info and recommendations on there.  They also have a pretty good campaign in terms of posters and info sessions etc.

Spoon Theory - The best theory on the internet to use when trying to describe CFS to friends, family and skeptics.  It was written by a girl with Lupus but the basic premise works for pretty much any invisible illness.

The Canadian research page
 - Canadians are the best!
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