This Bites

This is Little Stoopid.

No, he doesn't have ME/CFS so he's not technically relevant to this blog, but he is odd ...  and violent ... with a habit of biting and dang it, I just didn't want to do a blog without including him in some way, okay?

Really though, I went for two years barely able to leave the house and this little critter basically became my best friend.  He didn't judge me for being sick all the time, so long as he got fed, and since cats spend 90% of their time napping they actually make awesome companions for people who do the same.

No doubt I'll be mentioning him periodically as I go.

(Yes, that's really his name.  I'm just that cruel.  It was particularly amusing when we took him to Lort Smith and they called it over the loudspeaker - "Little Stoopid Chainey to exam room 3!")
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